Why Businesses should embrace Communities by Luis Suarez

Luis (@elsua) recently left a comment on my blog post Use Cases for Talent and Employee Communities – and I think it deserves to be given prominence as a blog post on its own 🙂

I will surely be blogging plenty more about it on my blog, when things quiet down a bit after this week’s business trip, but just wanted to venture a couple of thoughts on the relevance of this blog post:

– Communities are the major drivers of social software adoption, both inside and outside of the firewall, so every single social computing strategy should always be accompanied by a community building program to get the most out of it all.
– Communities have been there in existence for millions of years, and in the business world for several decades and if there is anything they have help companies with all along is talent retention and reduction of attrition rates. It’s that sense of belonging, of ownership, of connecting with fellow peers that helps communities become so important and crucial in today’s world and as such
– Social software tools are tremendously relevant in this context, because they help those relationships to flourish and nurture themselves much easier, faster and more meaningful than with traditional tools like email. If there is anything out there that social software is good for is social capital, and that’s at the heart of what makes communities healthy and mature at the same time: that people have an opportunity to help build and sustain personal business relationships through those communities.

But like I said, I will be blogging more about this in its due time; perhaps some time next week, when I get back to the normal swing of things … Thanks again for the lovely blog post! Great read!

We’ll be looking forward to more of Luis’ thoughts on how businesses can leverage communities – to connect with current and future employees and also with customers, prospects and partners.

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