Why are recruiters turning into iPhone lemmings and iPhone zombies?

One thing that is fascinating me at the moment – specifically within recruitment circles – is the near lemming obsessiveness of people buying an iPhone. This weekend saw two more recruitment people I know succumb to the world of Apple and it’s magic spell over the recruitment industry! Maybe we need to start calling it iRecruitment?

Now those of you that know me, will no doubt:

a) Launch a fierce and robust defence of their precious, and shiny iPhones extolling its virtue

b) Lambaste me for using the phone I consider to be better (for me anyway), the Blackberry

But this isn’t meant to be a wind-up or baiting session, I am genuinly amazed that the recruitment fraternity think that the iPhone is the must-have phone. Why?

Just before all those barbed comments start flying in – because they will (LOL) – I am not an anti-iPhone person, my wife, Sara has one and it is an excellent phone. So with an appropriate level of sarcasm, here are some points about the iPhone that I would like to make…….

  1. The battery life is absolutely ***t. To get through a day of use you have to carry around extra chargers or charge boosters …………… more things to carry in you handbag or recruiters manbag!
  2. You can download apps from all your recruitment suppliers, quickly jumping on the iPhone App bandwagon. Then you just leave them there on your phone, because you realise that, actually, you don’t need them ……..but hey, it doesn’t matter because you are a recruiter, so you HAVE to have some recruiting apps!
  3. Peer pressure or lemming-itus as I call it. Just because your team all have one, it doesn’t mean you have got to get one! Yes you can ‘bump’ info to each other (only iPhone users will get that one!) but you also have an email account don’t you? 
  4. Don’t believe the hype – if you are below- average recruiter (some would use the word crap!), having an iPhone is not going to suddenly make you place more candidates!! It is only a communication device – you still have to know what the hell you are doing in recruitment, first!
  5. You can stop touching it now. How long have you had it? Put the damn thing down and leave it be on the desk. Go on, it won’t run away (unless there is an app for it?). Go and make a placement – you will need to, to pay for the monthly charges!
  6. Make sure you order an iPad. Then you have something to brag about, rather than just being one of the office lemmings! then you can have bigger versions of the apps you have on your iPhone to play with …….wow…..

No, I am not jealous, bitter, envious or any other descriptive words you may use, in the barrage of abuse that will be given to me. I have a phone – did I mention it is a Blackberry? – that is awesome, and one that suits me for my needs. I am certainly not going down the iPhone root and turning into a lemming or a recruitment iPhone zombie!!

Check this awesome graphic out…

Blackberry vs iPhone

Nice graphic isn’t it?  (Courtesy of Gigaom)

Now, what was I saying?………

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