Why a Coaching Relationship? Innovation Happens

Every employee is entitled to have a competent manager with the capability to bring value to their problem solving and decision making. This can be accomplished through the Exponent Leadership Process. Contact Mike make your team and leaders better.



In this video I share a model for coaching and feedback leading to improved performance. Whether you are a manager, employee or entrepreneur a successful coaching relationship will make you better and move towards achieving your business potential.

It begins with your Current Actual Capability which is determined through;

CP + V + K&S + Wi + (-T) = CAC

Once that is determined a need to understand Potential Capability. Which is a function of your Complexity of Mental Processing your time span for handling complex work and the ambiguity that accompanies that work.

As the coaching relationship evolves the boundaries of your CAC are discovered then the ability to capture your Creativity to Innovate new and improved ways of doing, growing and completing your work is discovered. 

Pushing these Innovation boundaries moves you towards your Potential Capability of the work you are doing. Taking you to new level of comfort within the role you now occupy for your work.


Interested in enhancing or developing a Managerial Coaching Process within your organization and team? Looking to improve your existing managers coaching skills? Contact Mike to discuss and learn more about our Managerial Coaching Training Programs.

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