Whole Body Creativity Workshop

I am super excited that I am leading a workshop on Whole Body Creativity with Alvaro Esteban and Kimberly Ashton on June 14 at Octave. Do sign up and do spread the word.

This unique one-day workshop will use the yogic seven-chakra system to help you integrate your mind, body and belly, change your behaviors, and become your best self. Led by experts in behavior change, yoga and nutrition, the workshop will help you learn how to use yoga and food to balance each chakra, and use each chakra to change your behaviors. You will learn how to deepen your connection with the earth, find flow in movement, and strengthen your will. You will also learn how to open your heart, share your story, envision a better future and connect with a higher purpose. This unique combination of yoga, food and behavior change will give you important tools you can use tomorrow and through the rest of your life.

Date: Saturday June 14th, 9am to 5pm.

Price: 1500rmb early bird, 2000rmb at door (includes talk and yoga).

Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Venue: Octave – JianGuo Lu and Taiyuan Lu

RSVP: [email protected] (RSVP essential)

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