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Who Will Influence You?

Every leader must also follow.

ElephantsThose who show no accountability to others–in business, non-profits, or government–may hold a position of leadership but won’t hold on to it without some version of brute or “political” force, overt or covert. (If that kind of leadership appeals to you, you may want to check Craigslist for the “Dictators Wanted” ads).

Be selective about who you allow to influence your thinking, attitudes, decisions, and behavior. What are the values you hold most dear–the ones you would like others to adopt as a result of being influenced by you?

Please consider that question. Then, make sure the influences on your life mirror those values.

If you do, your life and your leadership will be reinforced and lifted up. If you don’t, you put yourself in a position to be led away from your life’s vision. Perhaps even worse, you’ll lead others in the wrong direction.

Who are you choosing to follow?

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