Who is the SEO King Content Is

We all know that websites need optimization and everyone and their mother wants to know howto do it but as with everything there is the right and the wrong. You can focus on building links, forum profiles, blog comments and even grey hat bordering black hat software that is available (just look at some our comments below). Now i not going to deny that these approaches get results but for how long that is the question you should ask.

Honesty is something that you don’t hear very often when some one talks about seo but is a something that needs to be considered in the new Panda age. For all the links be it blogs or forum do they really portray a genuine insight into your website and that is the issue. Google is approaching sites not based solely on volume but rather content and relevance. So for me an honest approach is the solution and its main goal is to provide users with rich genuine and relevant content. You want to engage visitors with rich media, blog post, useful info and in simple terms provide with what they want.

That sounds very simple but the question is where you get unique content. For most people writing interesting articles or rich media is time consuming and not to mention boring but there numerous resource available where your can hire quality writers and authors. Is something that really needs to be considered as spending some your budget on content can be as beneficial as most link building campaigns. There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a page that is littered with affiliate links that bounces you from on site to another and that in essence is the issue. You aim is to provide a site that unique and rich in content.





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