Who Is Running This Place NOW?

Much has been said, written, opined and reported about management and leadership. Too much in fact. One of our goals with the Social Ecosystem and the NOW System of Management is to clarify how leaders can effectively manage their organizations in an intentional and transparent manner. Ultimately, in service to the customer experience and how they perceive value.

Most managers develop a set of activities they use again and again to drive the work their department needs to accomplish. And still others ignore disciplines of management and try to rely solely on their inspirational leadership to cause employees to do the right thing.

The system of management an organization uses is one of the most influential levers of organizational and individual performance. However, how we manage is usually left to the manager. Leaving this decision to each manager prevents a cohesive management of the business, largely because the essential work of any organization crosses from one department to the next and varying management approaches end up disconnected, incongruous and confusing. There are far too many process interdependencies for a collection of ad hoc management approaches to be efficient.

Sure, one manager’s relationship skills will vary from the next, but the interpersonal aspects of managing are only a small subset of the overall job of managing. Excess variation in how we manage a business causes waste, frustration and poor customer experience. Why do that!? In future articles we will offer ideas, tools and methods to help solve this problem and to do it NOW!

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