Who is in The Lab’s spotlight? Richard Natoli

 The Lab is spotlighting great members of our community.  Richard Natoli is our first community member to enter The Spotlight and I am excited to spotlight him, in his own words.  If you are interested in entering The Spotlight read more here.


Richard Natoli
Richard Natoli is in The Spotlight

 I am currently accountable for all direct customer contact channels for Stroll, an Inc 5000 and Philly 100 E-commerce company located in Philadelphia, PA.  Working for an internet marketing company in a retail environment requires a somewhat unique perspective on customer experience management.Unlike many contact centers, at Stroll we work hand-in-hand with marketing in order to ensure consistency between marketing positioning and customer service and sales positioning.  As a result we are able to deliver optimized support for campaigns.  We also take a very analytical approach to management.  We dive deeper into metrics than most companies and have the ability to see actual service and sales contribution to corporate profitability on a daily basis.  We utilize these metrics as the backbone of ongoing representative performance management which leads to a high level of employee engagement and performance.

In the end we run our contact center channels as individual businesses that are fully responsible for supporting corporate strategy and profit targets.  This has allowed us to become major contributors to the success of the company and truly run as a major profit center for one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

In addition I moderate the Contact Center Mastermind group on LinkedIn, and the Contact Center Performance Forums, and contribute articles to customermanagementiq.com .

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