Who is in The Lab’s spotlight? Brenna Gimler

The Lab’s weekly spotlight poll has once again helped us to find, and now spotlight, someone you should know more about.   Brenna Gimler, this week’s Spotlight poll winner, tells us what, in her own words, she does.

Brenna Gimler is by Trade & Education a seasoned Leadership & Communications expert.  She has spent more than 20 years educating herself and working in the white collar world, 40-60 hours per week to build outstanding reputations for many companies. Her work has been an Odyssey perfecting the customer communication experience at every level, up to and including the Executive level. Her areas of expertise includes: Training and Development, Social Media Marketing, Electronic Customer Communications, Team Development, Team Building, and Executive Coaching. 
Most recently, Brenna worked full time in the IT Sales Industry for a small IT Service & Support Company in her hometown.  Fortunately (yes fortunately) she became one of many victims of the Economy and was laid off.   Why is this fortunate?!  Most people would cringe at the thought of being laid off.  Brenna is the ultimate optimist however.  Feeling the pressure of unemployment increasing for her family of 5, she has created a perfect opportunity to put her effort & energy to work for her own benefit while doing something she loves to do. What is this opportunity?  Brenna has created “In the Loop”, an email marketing service that helps companies obtain, retain & cultivate life-long customers & solid relationships.

Brenna has taken her long time enjoyment of Social Media, Marketing & Technology and has married that with her devotion to creating outstanding customer experiences & relationships.  Through this marriage she is helping companies harness their efforts to make sales, close deals, and build loyal relationships by engaging their customers, helping them differentiate from their competition, helping them to thank their customers and allowing them to always stay in touch by creating what we all know as the “WOW” factor that keeps customers coming back!  By tying this together with her customer’s social sites & website Brenna has created a powerful tool designed to help companies grow their business.
The lucky 7 ways to reach Brenna about her services:

  1. Visit her website at www.brennagimler.com
  2. Reach her at [email protected]
  3. Call her at 774-218-1716 
  4. Contact her on Twitter http://twitter.com/IntheLoopTODAY
  5. Contact her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raynham-MA/In-the-Loop/145946638762757?ref=sgm&__a=7&
  6. Send her an email via Linked in  http://www.linkedin.com/in/inthelooptoday 
  7. Check out her Blog:  http://bdgloop.blogspot.com/

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