Who Have You Praised Today?

Let’s face it. We are living in a fast paced world, and it seems to be getting faster every day.

A wise man once said, “It’s important to take a minute, slow down and praise.”

Who have you praised today?

Who has praised you today?

How many people do you think you could praise thoughtfully in one minute?

With the advent of this thing called the Internet, it is actually possible to praise remote workers and teams of people in one minute.

I’m not talking about praise spam. I’m talking about personalized, individualized electronic praise.

You may say, “Electronic praise isn’t meaningful.” I would say, “You must be a weenie!”

Electronic praise, if done properly, is tremendously meaningful, can be forwarded to friends, family and coworkers and can be printed and displayed.

This type of praise isn’t limited to email. Let me tell you, I know from personal experience I have had my voice mails saved for months and forwarded to coworkers, friends and family, and even back to me with comments added.

If your answer to my question of who have you praised today is, uh, well, um, nobody, what are you thinking?

Take a minute right now, think of someone who has made a difference with a customer or a colleague and praise them!

Be specific, be personal, and most importantly, be authentic in your praise.

You’ll be amazed at the return on investment that this 60 seconds of personal praise can create.

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