Which US Governor is really the Twitter Governor?

I was reading a blog post on Govloop about this post on USA Today where Governor Schwarzenegger was named ”Tweetenator of governors”.  The analysis, based upon the number of twitter followers each governor has, resulted in these Governors coming in as the top 5:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 1,609,285 followers.
  • Bobby Jindal 37,147 followers.
  • Tim Pawlenty 13,317  followers.
  • Jennifer Granholm 12,703 followers.
  • Deval Patrick 9,100 followers.

Each of these Governors have done a good job on Twitter and have grown sizable communities.  However,  focusing on follower count alone misses the mark, ignoring engagement which is a critical aspect of this social channel.  I have sliced the available information in a different way, using a method that reduces the impact of follower count while taking into account engagement.  While I acknowledge that no formula is perfect, this is a more accurate representation.

Overall Rating = (Klout Score) * (Reply To %)

  • Klout is an application that measures influence, leveraging methods ranging from follower account, network reach, and more.
  • Reply To % is based upon statistics measured and reported by TweetStats.

Using this method we are factoring in the number of followers, network reach, and engagement.   Using this method, the top five Governors are:

  • Deval Patrick 1183.60 Rating.
  • Jack Markell 701.59 Rating
  • Bob McDonnell 365.72 Rating
  • Jennifer Granholm 206.50 Rating
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 119.46 Rating

Interested in the complete list, based upon the Governor’s USA Today reported on? You can download it here.

These Social Media Savvy Governors are leading the way.  My question is, will others follow?


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