Which social recruiting bubble are you in?


Which social recruiting bubble are you in

The last couple of weeks have provided me with an interesting ‘update’ into the reality of the recruitment world – it’s all about bubbles.

Let’s start with the sexy bubble that everyone wants to talk about – social media in recruitment aka social recruiting. Social media is huge – we all know that – 700m on Facebook, 250m on Twitter and 200m on LinkedIn to name a few. Early adopters (me!) and those passionate about the concept of social recruiting, all congregate in the nice little shiny social media recruiting bubble, all talking about the nuances and small details, benefits and advantages of all the different social media platforms.
We think (or like to hope) social recruiting is big, but the reality is that it is minuscule in comparison to reality of how most companies are actually recruiting. While myself and a few of us in this space have our heads firmly in reality (i.e. ‘social recruiting is not the only way’), there are people that believe otherwise and evangelise that social recruiting is THE solution and you should forsake everything else. [They are of course dillusional and should be avoided like the plague!!]

The next bubble gets a little bigger….

The ‘I know that social media can benefit me in recruitment, but I don’t know how to do it’ bubble is the one that is of real interest. this is the one that is growing the fastest.
The more that is written about social recruiting, the more it filters down to those people in HR, recruitment and business that ‘know’ that they should actually be doing something about it. They attend the many conferences, they read blogs and they sign up to different social sites to see what the hype is about. And budding off this bubble is the few that are actually using social media as part of their recruiting strategy. A sizeable bubble but still not where I would like it to be!

The final bubble is the biggest…..

The apathetic, arrogant or the (innocent) ignorant people who have no idea how powerful social media could be for recruiting, brand building and engaging with candidates, employees and clients etc.
This is for a number of reasons, and primarily it is because social media still hasn’t hit their agenda just yet. I have met with and spoken with a whole bunch of these over the last few weeks, and most are certainly not apathetic or arrogant, but ignorant through lack of knowledge. And by lack of knowledge, I simply mean ‘who do they speak to about social media’ and ‘how do they get started’.

The arrogant bubble sits firmly at the door of many recruitment agencies! The one sector within recruitment that should be all over social like a rash, are the worst at social media adoption.
If I get another recruitment company saying to me words like,” we are back to being very busy and don’t need social media – we use use job boards and they are delivering enough candidates for us“, I will scream!!! >> Pure short-sightedness and lack of vision for the changing candidate marketplace. To coin a hashtag from Twitter to describe them – #muppets !!
Yes, job boards are a part of recruiting – totally agree – but it’s not the only way. To get the best candidates for clients, you need to use a diverse range of attraction and sourcing methods.

I see this bubble as a major challenge, and I relish the challenge of trying to change their thinking. It isn’t easy, but  for me it is all about making the recruitment industry better performers and giving better service to their clients by finding the best talent for them – where ever that may be.

I regularly step out of ‘my bubble’ but do you?


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