Which is More Interesting: The Periodic Table or Global RPO

I was scanning stories on NPR the other day, when I came across a book review about the periodic table. Normally this subject would put me in a coma and I was just about to pass over the story when I saw the words “fun” and “intrigue” in the title.  These are 2 descriptors I would never associate with this topic and my interest level decidedly increased (obviously, I’m a sucker for a good title).

Most people are like me and clearly wouldn’t describe the periodic table of elements as lots of fun and full of intrigue. But Sam Kean in his new book, The Disappearing Spoon, shares with us many extraordinary stories that captivate and hold one’s attention.

As I continued to read more of the review, I realized, like the periodic table, RPO (and Pinstripe) too has both interesting stories and note worthy characters.

Perhaps, recruitment process outsourcing doesn’t have a character like Montana U.S. Senate candidate Stan Jones, who, during his campaign, began drinking liquid silver to improve his immune system and ended up with a permanent side effect – blue skin.

However, we do have our share of stories and personalities. For example, the 2010 Baker’s Dozen is about to be released and the global recruitment process outsourcing industry is buzzing with speculation and intrigue. While we wait for the results questions abound (i.e. Who will rise? Who will fall?)

For us, this event represents varying levels of intrigue, conjecture, innuendo, and implication. To most outside of RPO, this list of 13 top service providers goes like the periodic table relatively unnoticed. However, to those of us involved (including potential clients) this is just as gripping as the periodic table of elements is to the thousands who recently purchased Sam Kean’s book.

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