Which are the Indian IT Brands most mentioned in Social Media?

I blogged about this report earlier, and so the time has come to share the full report with you.

To analyse the conversations and mentions of an Employment Brand on the social web we looked at them in these ways:

  • What are the work and HR related conversations that people are having? These would be linked to an employee’s personal work or a prospective employee’s perception of work in the organization.
  • What are people mentioning about the Organizational Culture?
  • What are people mentioning about the Leadership/Leader of a firm
  • What are the news items around deals, results that are being mentioned and referenced on the social web?

Some highlights:

Analysis of Conversations related to Human Resource issues

  • TCS HR issues were mentioned the most followed by Infosys
  • Negative mentions in this category were most for Infosys

Organizational Culture issues are a key component of discussions

  • Culture gets defined externally by various organizational activities from CSR to Sports
  • Such activities are mentioned in an overwhelming positive tone on the social web

TCS and Wipro led the conversations when it came to news – The nature of news determines the tone with news about salary increases being cheered by the online crowd.


  1. There is a lot of discussion about IT firms related to work and HR related subjects .
  2. There is little or no engagement that the organizations are taking to connect with influencers and to drive the conversations
  3. Whatever the representation these firms have on the social web, is primarily driven by corporate communications
  4. We believe that HR and Recruitment groups who own the perception of the Employment Brand must engage with the conversations
  5. These conversations should be linked to an online platform where people can connect with subject matter experts and recruiters and to get to know first hand information about the firm.

Arun of Trak.in shared a very good round-up of the report on his blog. Go ahead and read his full analysis there.

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