Where is Clark?

So, where am I this spring?  I was at ATD’s Techknowledge in January, and as this is published I’m on my way to Long Beach for their Core 4 event (sold out; if you’re one of the lucky ones there, say hi!). I’m taking the train (and a bus); look forward to watching the terrain roll by and writing.  But there’re a couple more events this spring.

Next week (March 30th), I’ll be giving a talk to ATD’s East Bay chapter on innovation.  It’ll cover the materials that were part of my presentation last fall to a government agency and my forthcoming CLO article.  We’ll talk about what innovation is (there’s a surprising amount of confusion), what it takes, what the barriers are, and what the role is for L&D.  If you’re here in the Bay Area, it should be fun and informative.

Then, in June, I’ll be at the eLearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning event in San Diego.  There I’ll be talking about Focus Beyond Learning, i.e. the broader performance ecosystem picture in which mobile, video, and games fit in. Again, if you’re going, say hello!  It’s also a chance to see my brother and his family (and hopefully get in a surf ;).

That’s pretty much it for the first part of the year.  A bit quiet, but providing time for some writing.   Of course, if you are needing a keynote or a workshop…let me know. I have to admit I’m thinking that workshops around the deeper cognitive aspects of learning would be a big boost to organizational L&D.

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