Where Do You Live?

15-Second Work and Life Quiz
Within 15 seconds, you can easily do a life- or work- gap analysis.
Place yourself on the map below. 
Where do you live the most?

Honestly. Not where you wish you lived, but where you really live.

Do one more thing: Pick a region (with at least three location names) where you wish you spent most of your time. (Click on map to enlarge)

Now, is there a difference between where you thought you lived and where you really live?

If so, why aren’t you changing that? You know it’s your choice, right?

Confession: While making that choice is super-crucial. It’s hard! For example, my results: Where I really should be living (because that’s how I want to live my life) is in the northwest corner of WISDOM…Aspiration, Imagination, Wonder, Compassion, Truth…with lots of sidetrips to Mirth, Courage, Faith, Eros, Dreams and Hope. Yet in reality, I spend way too much time on the continent of REASON. Boring!

Go here to learn more about the Map of Humanity by James Turner, to download it full size, or to order a print version.

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