Where do we go from here?

I spent the day at MSU at a  round table for our applicant tracking software.  Great people  – around the table and leading the discussions.  But we are missing something.  Well, a few things.

Disclaimer.  I am not a tech person.  I am an HR person who loves tech.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  But still….

Our ATS system hasn’t thought about connecting with candidates via text messaging. Everything is email correspondence.  That’s too bad, especially when I hear things like, “email is passe'” and, “I don’t need a data plan when I have text” and lastly, “I hardly ever check my email.”  I hardly ever check my email.  Let that sink in, will you?

Our ATS system is talking about mobile applications.  They should be doing more than talking.  Our next generation of candidates won’t want to have to log in to anything, much less come to a terminal to fill out an application.

Our ATS system has RSS feed but in a text format only.  No HTML.  The link takes the applicant to our website – and wouldn’t it be fabulous if our mobile users could apply right from their phone?   Yeah, it would.

Mobile.  Easy.  Access.  Mobile.  It’s not rocket science.  I can’t figure out why we aren’t there yet.  

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