Where Do the Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Ideas Come From?

Often, recruitment process outsourcing success hinges on new ideas and innovation; however, often, we struggle to come up with game changing RPO solutions.

To generate fabulous new RPO ideas, we many times invite groups of people into a brainstorming session, present them with a problem or task) and ask them to instantaneously create some sort of miraculous RPO fix.

I am not a fan on this kind of contrived problem solving. While it may sometimes works, many times the process is not conducive or productive. Most people are just not able to be creative on demand.

Instead, I believe taht the best ideas are the result of unintended consequences. It seems to me great solutions are generated when you least expect them. Some of the best solutions come from the normal course of people interacting, in Jerry Seinfeld terminology, “about nothing.”

Let me share an example from last week.

Last Wednesday, I was driving my son and several of his friends home from football practice. We were stuck at a red light when one of the boys said “Mr. Diamond, look at that car over there!” When the light turned green, I pulled into the parking lot by the automobile, made the boys get of my car and took the following picture of them posing next the “Hello Kitty” Smart Car.

Hello Kitty

The next day, I was sharing the Hello Kitty story and picture with several of my Pinstripe co-workers in the accounting and finance department. We were joking about who might own this car when Melissa Curran, mother of 2 boys, looked at the picture and said “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a car like this for our boys when they reach driving age. It’s so not cool that it would definitely limit their desire to drive.”

As the father of several boys nearing driving age, I instantaneously realized the brilliance of Melissa’s idea. She had figured out a practical solution that would allow teenage boys to transport themselves economically to required events while simultaneously limiting their cravings to want to use the car for extracurricular driving opportunities with their buddies.

All this genius came from a conversation  “about nothing.”

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