When Your Nail Color Doesn’t Matter

An article in this month’s Glamour magazine touts the season’s must-have nail polish colors: rich purples, dark blues and greys.  These shades are dramatic, eye-catching and bold.  The article is quick to note, however, that these nontraditional hues are an absolute “no-go” for professionals in Corporate America.

I can’t help but smile.  My former supervisor, HR Director for a non-profit in New York, has beautiful nails.  Long, immaculately-shaped, occasionally bejeweled and brightly colored (an example.) Sometimes her nails feature finely-painted, intricate designs, but typically they exist in shades of bright red, electric pink or pumpkin orange.  In all other respects, my former boss is conservatively dressed and a professional in every sense of the word.  Her knowledge of HR, particularly labor relations, is impressive.  She is respectful, a terrific listener and has the admiration of her peers and subordinates.

With qualifications like these behind you, I don’t think it ultimately matters what color your nails are.

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