When your employees fear the boss

Why employees join unions

I’m headed to Detroit today to say farewell to an old friend, so I’m recycling some old content a bit for today’s post.

You may wonder why your employees would think about joining a union. Your employees will only think about going outside your company for help  for a few reasons.

  1. You have something  they want, and they’re seeking help to get it.
  2. You gave them something they like, and now they are afraid you’re going to take it away.
  3. You don’t listen to them when they tell you stuff.

Good employee relations practices can help you avoid these issues.  It also helps to remove poor performers from your organization, and to reward excellent organizational achievements on a regular basis.

The final piece of advice I’ll share is brilliantly simple.  Believe in your culture, run your organization with your employees as the top priority, and have the intestinal fortitude to face challenges with resolve if they come your way.

Otherwise you may wind up dealing with something like this.

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