When Managers Ask “How?”

I’ll tell you how. How to build individuals and teams. How to create the conditions for motivation and engagement.

Here it is: If you are a manager giving an assignment, be clear about the “what”–then let your people deliver on how it will be done.


Why? Because you hired them for the how. Think about it. You looked at resumes and then hired people who had something that seemed unique or different. When you tell people how to do their jobs, you take away their identity. We all want to contribute. And that contribution is in the form of the unique way–how–we do our jobs.

Action: Define and get commitment on what you want done–then let people use their unique talents to decide how to do it. They’ll grow by using their own trial-and-error process to perfect their methodologies.

You’ll be seen as the manager who knows how to develop and engage your team. Suddenly, you’ll find people approaching you and asking “Hey, how do you do it?”

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