When it comes to support channels, phone and email still rule (for now)

As you may remember, I kicked off my survey of customer support preferences and usage patterns a couple of days ago.  While I will continue running the survey through the end of March, and the sample size is still less than 100, I wanted to share some very early data.  If you have not yet taken the survey, please do.  If you have not yet shared it with friends and family, please do.  Let’s gather as much information as possible (I share).

The majority of the respondents have dealt with support issues in the last month, they have not based their answers on old experiences.

Also, the bulk of the respondents are from North America, not surprising given this is where I am located.

The majority of those responding still use phone and e-mail to get the job done.  Now is that because they choose this path or because that is the path provided?  Time will tell and I’ll share my opinions when the poll does eventually close.  However, let me leave you with this.  Over 67% of the respondants were satisfied with their experience.  Is that really good enough?


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