When it comes to social media, most marketers still have their learner plates on

The other week the ex CMO of Unilver Simon Clift talked about a lost generation of marketers aged 30-45 who had neither grown up with online media, nor who had children at home using it, but still needed to get to grips with it in the day job.

A lot of that so-called lost generation is probably represented in these charts from socialmediaexaminer.com, which show that while 91% of marketers use social media, 2/3 (65%) have just started using it.

Marketing Charts, where I got these stats from, also refers to another study by Unica, which shows a slightly different picture.   That survey of ‘global marketers’ shows that while 80% are using social media or plan to in the future, only 47% do so now….in other words more than half don’t.    And depressing news for those of us in Europe, while 58% of marketers in North America use social media, here it’s only 34% – so barely a third.

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