When Gerson Gets Passionate

Though I’m no great lover of the politics and thought of “W’s” speech writer, Michael Gerson, when he gets passionate, my brain says yes, yes. It’s amusingly simple to tell when he’s passionate about something. He departs from his evangelical, Wheaton background and uses mild expletives like “damn” and “hell.” Recently, he’s started using them in his columns, so you can tell he’s really pissed off and wants his evangelical, conservative readers to pay attention.

In the last few months he’s been going after the extreme “rightists” and Donald Trump. I’d be thrilled to see the Republicans take him seriously. It would be good for the country—and for the Democrats.

This from his most recent Post column on “where the New Right went wrong”:  I really don’t give a damn what adjective is applied to distinguish this type of reform-oriented conservatism. But it must include a response to stagnant growth; the reform of failing institutions to help prepare more workers for a skills-based economy; a sincere appeal to rising ethnic minorities; a properly chastened but vigorous war against terrorism and the encouragement of global development and health as alternatives to hatred; and an inclusive concern for families and the character essential to self-government.

He hasn’t missed the issues of climate control, but given them central focus in the past. Google Gerson and climate change and you’ll get plenty anger at the climate “deniars” and numerous recommendations for his own Republican party.

It’s really delightful to read a Republican “Boomer” like Gerson. It stimulates my thinking and challenges some of my perceptions.

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