What’s Hot in HR: 5 Ways to Act on It

Employee Vacation, Employer Penalties and Twitter Recruiting were last week’s most popular HR topics, based on how often influencers in the HR marketplace shared content and commented on social media on those topics.

That’s interesting. So what?

As a marketer of HR software or services, knowing what’s hot on social in your marketplace is valuable. Here are five things you can do with this information:

  1. Educate your clients. If it’s a hot HR topic, chances are it’s on the mind of your clients. Be a valuable resource and send them a link to the best content on these topics—e.g., “Hi Mary, I know you’ve been thinking about updating your company’s vacation policy. I found this great article today on the subject that I thought you’d find interesting.”
  2. Use it for sales follow-up. Want to follow up with a prospect but you’re afraid of being a pest? Be a resource. This is a variation of No. 1 except with prospects, not clients. For example, “Hi John, last time we spoke you expressed interest in using social for recruiting. I found this great article on the subject that I wanted to share with you. If you’d like to discuss it let me know.”
  3. Write a blog about it. Ride the wave and piggyback your content on what’s hot, Here’s a blog we wrote on the subject: http://hrmarketer.blogspot.com/2013/02/create-more-content-marketing-buzz-with.html. It works and you’ll get a lot of visibility of you make a practice of doing it. Try it.
  4. Tie your next press release to the topic(s). This is a variation of piggybacking—sometimes called Newscrafting. Find a way to work the topics into your next news release. It’s an art. We did a webinar, “5 Press Release Strategies to Improve Your Online Visibility,” on the subject, and how to apply it to your PR strategy. 
  5. Be social. Share it on your social sites, follow the influencers who are sharing it, comment on it. 

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Post written by Mark Willaman, the founder and CEO of HRmarketer.com and Fisher Vista Marketing. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

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