What would happen if HUMANS disappeared? But, what if they don’t?

What if people disappear all of a sudden is what this video talks about. It is or may be hypothetical because I’m sure that this is not going to happen for at least another 100s of years or so. The message to the world is “Save planet Earth” because the planet itself can start a completely new civilization after several millions of years.

But I’m not going to talk about that. Keep the message apart and think for a moment – Every frame of the video dictated that without people

  • The satellites start to fall on the ground without maintenance
  • Nuclear reactors start to explode without maintenance
  • Eiffel tower, Brooklyn bridge, Twin Towers, similar and every other buildings start to collapse without maintenance
  • Few cities are deserted & buried without maintenance
  • Electricity shuts down without maintenance

Etc.. and a lot more effects.

It all happens without one & only one thing – NO MAINTENANCE.

If maintenance is that necessary for materialistic things, don’t people need to be managed (here people maintenance cannot be an apt word)?

You may ask what if I don’t care for my people.

  • What if he thinks that he need not have to take care of a nuclear reactor or something?
  • What if he thinks that he need not have to take care of how the medicines are manufactured?
  • What if he thinks that he need not have to take care of..etc.

As long as people survive on this Earth, they need to be managed. But the point is who manages whom? Are people in this world self-responsible to paint the Eiffel tower or Brooklyn Bridge to prevent it from collapsing? No.. So, who takes care of all these? That’s where we have the segregation – Government & Private entities.

Government affiliated tasks are taken care of by people employed by the government and private organizations employ professionals to take care of every specific task.

This is where employment comes into picture. Whatever tasks that needs to be managed or taken care of, how is that going to happen? There needs to be someone who assigns work to people and there needs to be people who do the tasks. But there should also be someone who looks over the shoulders to ensure that the work is getting done. There is hierarchy of people. Correct?

Now people management becomes employee management.

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