What Will be the Hottest Jobs in 2020

What will you be doing for a living in 10 years? The chances are it
won’t be what you’re doing now, and it may be something that doesn’t
yet exist.

It’s estimated that 22% to 29% of all U.S. jobs will be offshored within two decades. Ian Wylie, writing for the Guardian, suggests 20 jobs you might want to pursue if you’re planning ahead. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Traceability manager Examines global supply chains and checks for suppliers that might be excessively pollutive or carbon-costly to buy from.
  2. Uranium recycler Converts bomb-grade uranium from warheads into low-enriched uranium for use in nuclear power plants.
  3. Mechatronical engineer Combines mechanical engineering, electronics, controls engineering and computers into the product design process.
  4. Metal skin consultant Manufactures self-healing composite materials for use on aircraft, ships and spacecraft.
  5. Digital architect Designs a range of virtual buildings for advertisers to market their products and services.
  6. Avatar design-security consultant Designs, creates and protects the virtual you.
  7. Personal bot mechanic Domestic assistants will work 24/7, but will still need the occasional tune-up.
  8. Simplicity consultant Simplifies and streamlines processes, technologies and branding in an organization.
  9. LocaPreneur Starts up a local bank, makes local
    cosmetics or soft drinks that are able to compete head-to-head with the
    big corporations that no one trusts any more.
  10. Bioinformationist Scientist who marries genetic information with drug development and clinical techniques.
  11. Home companion-caretaker Enables people to stay in their homes and live with dignity.
  12. Online education broker Tailors a learning package for the client, dovetailing relevant modules from courses and syllabuses around the world.

Wylie also suggests a few jobs that will be gone and several that
will never go out of style. According to Wylie, if you’re a union
organizer, construction worker or soldier, you might want to start
looking into an alternative career path.

As for lawyers, politicians, tax collectors, and prostitutes, there’s good news. You’re jobs are safe — for now.

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