What we can learn about change from Toy Story 3


Before I go any further

a) you must see this movie – no matter what age you are

b) I will not give away any of the plot  apart from what you see in the trailers!

The story  is about what happens when Andy – the owner of the “toys” –
prepares to go off to college. His Mum ( Mom) is nagging him into
sorting out his room and he needs to make a decision about what to do
with the toys. He decides they should go in the attic – but as you see
from this trailer things don’t go to plan .

Effectively – the toys are redundant. Andy doesn’t play with them any
more  – and of course the purpose of the toy is to be played with ( see
the delighted reaction here
when they get a “fresh start”). The toys don’t want to believe that
they are no longer going to be used and they go into the denial stage of
the change cycle…then start bargaining… By the time the movie starts
they have been in the toy box ,unplayed with, for a while and like some
employees in that situation they believe that “something will turn up..”
or it will magically get better. So they wait…and wait…

In the trailer you see that one of the characters is singled out for
special treatment – and in the moment he is happy with that until he
realises the implications .  Employees like to feel special but
sometimes their future is planned without any real input from them  –
and that’s where the trouble starts.  

There is a strong message of pulling together in a crisis using the
skills each toy has to their full advantage. There is a lesson to be
learned there by both employers and employees!

And the evidence of strong , selfless leadership abounds.

This post is meant to highlight ( not trivialise) what are serious
issues but adding a dose of fun to any workplace can make a huge
difference too!

And did I say – go and see this movie! You don’t need to have
kids..the cinema was full of adults when I went. And take tissues –
because only those with the hardest of hearts will fail to shed a tear.

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