What to do with performance evaluations

Paperweight? Kindling? Bird cage liner?

Almost no one I know likes performance evaluations or performance development plans. The chasm between perception and reality is often difficult to bridge and it plays out pretty well in the performance review process. But there are some terrific uses for your evaluations – your resume! Most of the evaluation tools that I have seen and used give some area for employees to highlight key accomplishments – and those accomplishments should be the foundation for a results-oriented resume. No more dull and boring lists of work responsibilities – highlight your success!

Keep your performance evaluations. Personnel changes – supervisors and colleagues leave. Your evaluations can serve as part of a reference should you have a difficult time tracking people down. I had a colleague’s daughter working through the hiring process at a hospital. HR was having a tough time getting a reference from her former employer (another hospital) and they accepted her performance review as reference.

So hang on to those evaluations. They may come in handy!

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