What Must Die? A Poem for Organizational Transformation

In a flap


Can you spare some change

for organizational transformation?

Will our rigid cocoon pyramidal structure

morph into a vibrant butterfly of co-created conversations?

Will we become what we are capable of becoming,

Or get stuck on a stick on inertia,

Overtaxed capacity leaving barely enough energy to change toilet paper rolls?

If you want change

You must determine what will die

Because daring to only want more is a recipe for diminished energy to make anything happen.

We must let go, loosen up and say no

Let the ending lead to the beginning

To transform our no into a constructive yes

of a conversational co-created authentic community

that cannot be reigned in by some static org chart

putting people into boxes and communication into lines.

Pause to hear the flapping of distant wings.

[Photo Credit: Lime butterfly on Flickr]

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