What is Your Theory About Motivating Employees?

What is your theory of motivation?

More importantly, what is your practice?

Do you have the right keys to motivation?

What do your people say about your theories and your motivational practices?

I will give you a clue.

Your team says you could use these two keys!

The first key of employee engagement is senior management’s interest in employee well being.

The second key of employee engagement is creating a culture of learning and development for employees.

How should you use your keys?

As I have said previously, senior leadership’s #1 job is chief obstacle remover.

The first element refers to the decisions you  make, communicate and reinforce in areas like strategy, structure, systems, processes and rewards.

At CSI International, we have observed when  leadership decisions and actions convey to employees that you understand and act on their concerns, employee engagement goes up.

At CSI International , we have also observed when employees receive the skills and development that makes them more marketable, engagement always increases.

Always, every time.

If you are a leader and you focus on these two keys, I guarantee your employee engagement and your business results will be positively better, forever.

It is, after all, up to you ….. to you use the keys to drive results with your team, or stand lamely on the other side of the results door with the keys in your hand.

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