What is Your Return on an LMS Investment?

ROI LMSA system is made up of many parts. For an entire system to function properly, the parts need to fit together perfectly. Finding the right shapes and sizes is easy when working with levers and pulleys. On the other hand, when people operate a complex system complexity rises and measuring effectiveness becomes more challenging.

This may be why companies are wary about implementing cloud-based management systems. There is a lingering sense that calculation return on investment (ROI) will be hard. Even though they know that using social communication systems will allow them to unify their companies, they seem to hold illusions that productivity will be hard to measure.

While this might be the case with some workplace systems, most eLearning options that cater to businesses make it easy for their clients to calculate returns.

Immediate Payoff, Long-term Profitability

TOPYX® is a social learning management system (LMS) that strives to make cloud-based business platforms as functional and affordable as possible. The LMS software provider achieves this by offering a comprehensive, low maintenance system for no per user fees and no bandwidth fees. This means that for one annual subscription payment, a company can use TOPYX to its fullest potential.

Nevertheless, acquiring an LMS is an investment. But, like all good investments, companies that choose TOPYX see payoff right away and for the long run. This is because the platform is so useful and adaptive to most workplaces.

LMS Benefits

Before discussing the monetary ROI, it is valuable to realize the benefits that increase daily productivity. An LMS can help a company in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • Manage company content in a centralize database.
  • Monitor learning paths and offer certification programs.
  • Simplify the training process for administrators and employees.
  • Publish job tasks, procedures and deadlines for all to see.
  • Offer online tools for communication and collaboration.

A few financial savings are apparent as well.

  • Turnover costs may decrease because career development and support is accessible.
  • Training materials will be digital, reducing printing costs and distribution time.
  • Lower the amount of company travel expenses, as employees and trainers will not need to travel to conduct regular and initial training sessions.

ROI Calculator

TOPYX is proud to promote the benefits of their social LMS. This includes both quantitative and qualitative rewards. However, TOPYX believes strongly that an LMS is a good investment; it can produce major returns when used correctly.

Envision your profitability by using the LMS ROI Calculator. It is a free tool that may help you understand how the award-winning social learning management system can save you money and make your company more profitable.

If you want to decrease training costs, open effective lines of communication, ensure employee certification requirements are upheld and more, request a free demo of TOPYX. It may be the systematic tool you are looking for.

When a company uses TOPYX for training and development, it is possible to reach goals and reap returns.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

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