What is your PKM routine?

The most important aspect of PKM is that it is personal. In order to stick with a routine over time, people have to find what works for them. Blogging has been a core part of my sense-making routine over the past decade. When I conduct workshops, my primary aim is help others discover what works for them. I do not have a secret formula, only some general guidelines developed through experience, plus a lot of ideas and suggested areas to explore.

My colleague Jane Hart shared her daily PKM routine recently and it’s different from mine, which of course it should be.

jane hart PKMI recently chatted with Sacha Chua about PKM and archiving large blogs. Sacha has over 6,000 blog posts! We spoke for about an hour and then shortly afterwards she produced this visual of her routine, framed around Seek > Sense > Share.

how sacha chua works with knowledgeMy own routine is relatively simple. I use only a few tools or platforms on a regular basis. Feedly is currently my aggregator for my preferred blogs and newsfeeds. I get most of my news and insights from my “human filters”, primarily people I am connected to on Twitter or Google+. By using discernment in who I follow/circle on these platforms, I get a great variety of insights, observations, and commentary. Connecting to the right people makes my own sense-making much easier. I use social bookmarks a lot and will favorite on Twitter to create my Friday’s Finds. However, my blog posts are where I put the most effort. Sharing is easy because everything I save or write is shareable. I also share on-demand, or when someone raises a point or question and I can then quickly refer them to a post I wrote. It saves a lot of time having an archive of my own thoughts that I can easily share. My review process is continuous, and as most long-time readers know, I will take an idea and continue to refine it over the years, as I have done recently with Industrial Disease which expanded on and updated a portion of Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise (2011).

PKM routineSo I would like to ask: What kind of PKM routine do you practice?

If you would like to share it, please add a link in the comments, share on Twitter or Google+, or send me an email.

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