What is Embed Code?

Putting a video on a web page used to be difficult and required good programming skills. Getting the video to play and look the same in all browsers kept many web developers up at night. Even the HTML code was unclear. The Netscape browser adopted the <embed> tag to be used as a section for video or other media items. That tag never became a part of Web standards, and Internet Explorer did not recognize it. To make matters worse, the developer had to create a player, an outside skin for appearance, and set it up so that downloading to a computer took seconds, not hours.

Those days are clearly over. Now with the advantage of embed code, even a novice can add the power of video, audio, or other interactive tools to a website.

Where can the code be found?
Hundreds of service providers are creating code for plug-ins, widgets, and video or audio. Some programs are free and others provide applications for a fee. Businesses may want to pay for extra features, highly customizable content, no ads, analytics, and other services.

All types of code are available. A real estate agent can now embed code for a mortgage calculator. A personal family page can have a slideshow of pictures. Games, podcasts, weather apps, and a host of other applications are provided in code that can be copied and pasted.

There is another advantage to embed code — programs like video can be an enormous file. Besides generating the code, a service provider will also host the application, so the actual video will be on their server. This makes the web page load faster and leaves the technical worries to the provider.

How is the code placed within a web page?
The most popular use of embed code is video, and YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the web. Any of the millions of videos can be placed within a web page, or a user can set up a free personal account for their own videos.

In your website builder, click the HTML or Text tab and paste the code in the desired position. Notice the height and width in the code — you can change the code if it improves the look and feel of the page.

On the web page, the user will see the video skin with a still shot and an arrow in the center. Clicking the arrow makes the video play from the YouTube server. That’s it! Adding embed code is now an easy part of making a website.

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