What is Big Data, Hadoop and HDFS: 3 Must Watch YouTube Videos

I received great response to one of my previous post titled 5 Must Watch YouTube Videos on Big Data and many of you reached out to me requesting for more such blog posts.

Well, your request is granted. Here are three great videos on what is Big Data, Hadoop and HDFS. Hope you enjoy them and do let me know if it is useful.

Based on your comments and feedback, I will share more such great resources on Big Data. So either leave a comment in comments section of this post or better still, tweet your comment, mentioning my twitter ID @HKotadia and I will surely reply to you.

Enjoy and learn from these videos (double click on videos for full screen view).

1. Explaining Big Data by explainingcomputers:

2. Introducing Apache Hadoop: The Modern Data Operating System by Stanford University:

3. Hadoop Tutorial: Intro to HDFS by Marakana TechTV:

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