What if we had to recertify degrees?



This post was inspired by the post “Is Becoming PHR or SPHR Certified Critical?” by Rich DeMatteo on  Lance Haun’s Rehaul blog.

One of Lance’s points was that passing an exam doesn’t indicate retention of knowledge. In my own comment, I suggested that I have not retained a lot of the content I learned in college; yet the exercise of obtaining a degree was valuable beyond the diploma itself.

Dawn Hrdlica (@dawnHRrocks) went on to comment that part of the value of achieving certification lies in the requirement for continuing education credits needed to maintain one’s status.  

These three points together made me think: what if we all needed to obtain a certain number of CEU’s to maintain our BS, MA, or PhD?  How would that change the face of higher education? Or of life after college? The workplace? Various professions?

What do you think? Let me know.

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