What If Brands Stopped Promoting Consumption?

I recently wrote about MSLGROUP Chief Strategy Officer Pascal Beucler’s talk on how the Facebook Generation is driving the imperative for corporates to shift to a “Social Squared” or “Value For All” strategy.

It seems that other senior leaders in the Publicis Groupe are also thinking about the question of what happens to marketing communications in a post-materialism world.

Here’s a Guardian’s Changing Advertising Summit speaker interview with Publicis Worldwide COO Richard Pinder in which he argues that advertising agencies need to learn how to work with new, more meaningful messages, not only new mediums:

Later, in an interview with Brand Republic, Richard Pinder talks about how Marc Pritchard of Procter & Gamble (Publicis Groupe and MSLGROUP client) and Keith Weed of Unilever have also been talking about promoting purpose-inspired benefits and serving customers not selling to customers.

I feel grateful that I am not the only one at Publicis Groupe who is passionate about purpose.

Earlier in the year, I spoke at the Guardian Activate Summit on how the crisis of capability and the crisis of caring collide in India and why we need to see digital activism through the lens of scarcity and the lens of abundance at the same time.

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