What I Learned on Twitter This Week: Teaching and Controlling

How we teach:

“Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer …. should be!” — Arthur C. Clarke. via @charlesjennings

@moehlert: “My son, the not-so-excited about math, won’t quit playing carrotsticks.com


Video: “Most schooling is training for stupidity & conformity” ~ Noam Chomsky. via @courosa

What we can teach:

Educators beware: The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement #ACTA. via @josiefraser

The treaty would provide legal protection for digital locks and security protection on material, provisions that draw upon the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), but extend far beyond existing international law. As some American teachers and researchers have learned the hard way, these so-called “anti-circumvention” measures have had the unintended consequence of stifling scientific research. Since the DCMA has been in force, a number of computer scientists researching software and network security have faced lawsuits and criminal prosecution as a result of their legitimate research activities into anti-circumvention technologies.

Wherever Crown Copyright would be used, Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) would be used instead. Copyright Consultation via @mgifford

RIP Howard Zinn:

Howard Zinn passed away this week:

A People’s History: what the classroom didn’t teach me about the American empire, by Howard Zinn

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