What I Learned on Twitter This Week: Organizing for an uncertain future

Some interesting things I found on Twitter this past week, on the themes of organizing and uncertainty:

via @SebPaquet – Neat infographic: Major Shifts in History: The Emergence of Techno-Economic Paradigms by the fantastic @robpatrob

Organisational Effectiveness via @sig [is this what your HR department is focused on?]

It’s all about organisational effectiveness. How fast, efficient and correct all information is disseminated, how effective hand-overs in the workflow happens, how visible and easy to understand the process is, how effective the capture and subsequent dissemination of knowledge is and how little time you spend on making the flow happen.

via @SemiraSK – Excellent! Organizing For Uncertainty – a Rich Agile Model for the Organization of Work by @zenext via @timkastelle

In change-resistant approaches, people can spend more time planning and reporting than actually doing the work. Rigid plan models define intelligent resilience as an indicator of failure. Teams need to be expensively managed because they are never continuously clear what they’re actually doing with their costly time and talent. Someone is punished with the costs of change once plans are approved. To protect the organization from change, clients are adversarial negotiation opponents rather than collaborative partners in continuous shared learning. Because innovation is explicitly the creation of surprise, no inflexible planning models can help create it, and actually only prevent it.

Collaboration: the secret sauce via @sourcePOV

I’ve been grappling with collaboration for a couple decades now, usually in the context of IT projects in corporate silos that seems designed to shut down cross-functional collaboration.  The hardest part was watching talented people lose motivation in the midst of their best efforts to overcome resistance.

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