What I Learned on Twitter This Week: Amateurs, ideas and learning

Here are some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week.

@nickcharney : “In a field that changes rapidly, there are no experts, only degrees of amateurs.”

[Which will make it even more difficult to formalize instruction]

The learning opportunity imbalance by Gary Wise

Jane Hart: The State of Learning in the Workplace Today (May Update) via @c4lpt

Implementing social media tools in formal courses will certainly help to improve workplace learning and adding in to the mix some “informal learning” will also help to supplement learning.

However to reinvent formal learning requires a re-think of the existing provision of formal learning, in particular providing more opportunities for collaborative learning, recognising the importance of user-generated content, and more relevant design of learning “solutions” for today’s learners.

But to go further and to transform learning requires a complete new understanding of the role of “learning” in an organisation. Adopting an integrated enterprise-wide approach to organisational learning such as this is not just about the technology, but will require a new mindset and new skillset – both for L&D and learners.

Upstreaming Conversations: Don’t seek thought leadership; figure out how to learn faster. via @stuarthenshall

In a world of rapid change, instant real-time updates and network effects, managing or marketing ‘thought leadership’ seldom puts runs on the board. It is only when the organization becomes more collaborative, more effective at asking better questions and more agile at interpretation and at finding direction that organizational performance begins to improve.

Empires of Ideas: 1. Generate ideas 2. Select & test ideas 3. Get ideas to spread. via @timkastelle

Consequently, if we’re going to build our own empires of ideas, we need great ideas, but more importantly, we need a method for processing and executing ideas. And we need to be able to get the ideas to spread.

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