What I Am Grateful For

(In  honor of tomorrow’s U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday, I am sharing my post that appeared today on Compensation Cafe.)

I have the honor and privilege of posting today, this last day before the American Thanksgiving Day holiday. I point this out as an American holiday as I am Irish. But I must admit, I’ve adopted many of the practices of this day as I appreciate greatly, indeed, the principles behind it.

The members of my team and a good many of my colleagues are American. I’ve asked them what they think of Thanksgiving. Answers ranged from comments on the good food, to opportunities to see family (and the sometimes outrageously funny stories around that), to football and naps.

But the one comment that has stuck with me is this:

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It hasn’t been commercialized like Christmas or Easter. There is no real societal pressure like on Valentine’s Day. It’s simply a day to gather with those you love and be grateful for what you have, both material and non-material.”

In that spirit of simple giving of thanks, I’d like to share with you what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving and invite you to do the same in comments:

I am grateful for my family and friends! I have a wonderful group of people who not only love me, but hold me accountable to proper work/life balance. That said…

I am grateful for my work! The last few years have been very difficult, indeed, for many people around the world. I am not just grateful to have a job, but that the work I do helps organizations around the world change their cultures into positive ones of recognition and appreciation, thereby creating much happier and engaging environments for their own employees to work within.

I am grateful for my colleagues! The most important factor that makes my work so enjoyable is the people I get the privilege of working with every day. To a person, they are smart, talented and generally fun to be around.

I am grateful for the Compensation Cafe and for Recognize This! This site has given me the opportunity to share my thoughts on employee recognition and rewards, sure, but more importantly it’s given me the opportunity to learn from the best compensation professionals in the world!

I am grateful for you! Readers of Recognize This! and Compensation Cafe alike have taught me just as much with their thoughtful comments over the years. Thank you for caring so deeply about your profession, your colleagues, and your organization that you spend your valuable time adding your insights and expertise.

Share your gratitude! As you wrap up your work today, consider pausing on your way out the door to tell your colleagues, co-workers and team members why you are grateful for them.

What are you thankful for?

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