What Gets In The Way Of Your Organization Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences?

If you are a leader who is tasked with increasing employee engagement, this is an important question.

Leaders first need to ask themselves who their customer is.

Leaders in my mind need to see their primary customer as their employees!

Leaders need to focus on creating great experiences for their employees while removing obstacles to high performance.

Obviously in addition to the manager’s focus on employees, it is important to understand what your external customers value as well.
Do you know what your external customers value?

Do you know what your external customers deem important?

When you put your employees in a position to deliver value for your external customers it creates a positive cycle.

This positive cycle enhances the employee’s esteem and engagement by enabling them to solve customer problems and respond to customer issues.

If you are a manager and you want to know how you are doing with your internal customers, the answer to the following question will give you the insight you need:

Would your employees in your work group recommend coming to work for your organization, your team and specifically you as a leader?

Now be honest! Would they?

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