What factors result in organizational change?

The word “change” can  possibly scare even the strongest person. When we consider organizational change, it is often necessary to adapt a few positive changes to keep pace with the developments in the market and constantly evolving world. Organizations who fail to recognize the required change may fall behind their competitors and may end up in poor growth. For example, the technology used by an organization say on a daily basis may be outdated and has to be replaced, which means the organization should be responsive towards the required change.

So how do we define organizational change?

When an organization re-evaluates its method of operations in order to cater the changing demands of the market and to survive the competition is known as organizational change. To be successful, it is a must that the organizations accept and implement the changes. There are certain factors that force the organization to change.

Let us take a look at those factors that result in organizational change.

  • Competition: With the increase in population and trend, we see a lot of new entrants in the market. New entrants are nothing but “strong competition”. Therefore, organizations should change their marketing strategy. To execute the new marketing strategies, the organization will have to involve certain changes.
  • Innovation in Technology: Technological changes are rapid. Therefore, to match with the innovations in technology businesses are forced to implement technological changes and train their employees.
  • Growth: Businesses wanting to attain huge growth in the market might have to change their method of operations. Implementing effective changes in the right manner can do wonders to the organization.
  • Process improvement: Businesses need to introduce new methods in the processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness. This will strengthen the stand of the business in the market.
  • Government rules and regulations: Government sets a roll of rules over different business types. Often the rules are modified due to an incident or an innovation. Thus, the changes made by the government definitely impact the business as they are supposed to abide them.

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