What Does The Podiatrist Do?

podiatristThere are many times in your life when either you or someone you knew had some kind of foot problem. And, you may have heard them repeating what the podiatrist told them about it, and what they were going to need to do to make it better. So therefore you know about a podiatrist. But what you may not know is that a podiatrist is a medical specialist who treats medical conditions of the ankle as well as the foot.

There are many reasons why a person may need to visit a podiatrist. We all know that if we receive an injury to our feet that we would probably see a podiatrist. But there are so many other reasons that a person might need to visit the podiatrist. People with diabetes often experience problems with their feet and ankles. This happens because the disease causes complications and often neuropathy in the feet and ankles. Often times a diabetic will loose feeling in his feet and even his ankles. So if the person cannot feel the pain, then it is difficult to know that something has happened to their feet or ankles. It was also reported by a Podiatrist of Chattanooga TN that the adult diabetes rate is 11.4 percent in Chattanooga. The rate for the entire state of Tennessee is only 11.4 percent.

Some red flags that could indicate you should see a podiatrist are red or itchy feet, blisters, discolored toenails, heel pain, or just having plain old flat feet. If you experience swollen feet, ankles, or even pain when you walk, you need to see a Podiatrist in Chattanooga TN right away. There is also another very undetectable sign that you should look for. If you have a slow healing wound on your foot or ankle, you should see a podiatrist. For instance, you stepped on a tiny piece of broken glass and you pulled it out and continued on with your daily routine. Surprising though, a week later, that spot still has not healed. This is an important red flag, and this should not go unattended. If you have any of these, you should see. So the next time you take a look at your healthy feet, beautiful toenails, and slim ankles, consider yourself lucky.

Taking care of your feet and ankles is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. The same way that we have to brush out teeth at least twice daily, we must pay close attention to our feet. Don’t just rush and wash them when you shower or bath. Take a little time to inspect each toe and the entire foot. If you see anything that looks out of order, then make an appointment to see a podiatrist immediately.

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