What do we actually do in isolation anymore?

A guest post on VB Business titled Coming 2014: a smarter, interconnected you identified four changes to keep an eye on next year. The last paragraph under the first  prediction says:

…a new era of social experiences around activities that were previously done individually; those experiences will no longer be consumed in isolation, but in a living, breathing network.

The writer doesn’t give any examples of the specific types of activities that will no longer be  ”consumed in isolation” but this prediction made me wonder about the loss of what I would call healthy isolation – the act of contemplating, reflecting, or just processing things alone.

I’m not talking about the type of isolation discussed in Bowling Alone – how we are becoming disconnected from one another and how social structures have disintegrated. That I agree is problematic. I’m talking about the good type of alone.

Sadly enough, I’m actually having a hard time thinking about what I do consume in isolation. Yes, I would consider checking in on FourSquare while on top of a mountain I just climbed alone.  Yes, I would consider taking a picture of leaves falling while walking in the woods alone and posting it on Instagram.  What do we lose when we do that? Is it insignificant compared to what we gain? I don’t think it is.

My goals for 2014  now include some healthy isolation.

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