What do talent communities mean to you?


It’s a bigger question than you’d think. The one about what “community” means to others as it relates to your social recruiting and social marketing efforts.

I told you to put a sandbox in your roundabout so “they” will come for community and each other, not necessarily for you, at first anyway. They being your “leads,” the ones you want interested in your employment and corporate brands (which again should be pretty much aligned if you’re serious about attracting the best talent and buyers since sometimes they’re interchangeable). Plus, we’ve tackled it more than once or twice via the #TChat shows.
But is that realistic? I mean, most companies I’ve spoken to of late are only to the point of talent/lead pools, not communities, and they’re quite content with what they’re doing. Meaning there’s sourcing and sharing but limited collaborative nurturing.
Well, at the upcoming TalentNet Live event (#TNL) in Chicago on December 5, 2011, at the JSTN headquarters, my HRevolution co-presenters and me are going to revisit our NPR Talent Community session.
But I’m going to start even early than that, at least the night before at the #TNL Tweetup event co-sponsored by HRmarketer.com and Talent Technology Corporation.

We’ll be running a joint Twitter competition during the Tweetup. Attendees (including practitioners and vendors) will be encouraged to tweet their response with the #TNL hashtag to this question:

What do talent communities mean to you?

We’ll then review and award the top 3 responses with a $100 gift certificate to their choice of either iTunes or Amazon. The next day I’ll announce the winning tweets during our “Talent Community” session.
It’s all about putting our ears to the collective community wall and listening to what you all have to say.
You know what else is like putting your ears to the collective community wall? It’s when you use SocialEars, HRmarketer’s social monitoring and analysis tool, to search for topics like “talent communities” and you get a whole bunch of smart journalist, analyst and online influencer folk who are all talking about the topic in articles, blogs and tweets as well as a myriad of other HR B2B topics (see below).
What, you didn’t think I’d leave without plugging SocialEars, did you?
C’mon. I made it work. Kinda.
We look forward to seeing some of you in Chicago next week!


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