What did you tell me about your approach to Social Business?

Your generosity, as always, in taking time to share your thoughts about your approach to social business strategy and government 2.0, were appreciated.   With more than 160 responses I wanted to take a moment and share some of your feedback, with you, about the questions asked.

When I asked, How are you measuring your Social Business efforts, here were some of your answers:

  • Blog visits, blog comments, tweets, whitepaper downloads, “contact us” replies
  • We match social media interactions location, and match this to sales location
  • Web leads, whitepaper downloads, inquiries…
  • Google analytics
  • Klout, Twitalizer, ROI from tracking sales
  • Through number of RT’s and URL clicks for twitter (using Objectivemarketer) as well as volume of followers/fans across apps. Measuring very loosely at the moment.

Many of the other responses were simply that people were not formally measuring (yet), still investigating the best way to do so.

When I asked you, What has surprised you the most about Social Business, you said: 

  • Amount of media and PR requests that result from active presence
  • Resistance from greater pool of people than I expected.
  • Getting started is easy. Growing is organic, content, relational. So much to learn!
  • Number of people open about sharing their best practices and ideas
  • How intensive and time consuming it is
  • The overwhelming amount of tools / apps available. But you have to hunt to find them or find them through chance. How many of these tools/apps can offer real value but appear to be hastily put together and oftentimes have glaring functionality omissions or simply don’t work at times.

This feedback is inline with what I hear from people everyday.  Using social media is easy, using it well is hard.  To use it well requires a strategic approach, the right people, the right tools, and a willingness to keep asking people how you are doing.  However, if you invest the time in doing it right, the community will support you, even when you make the occasional mistake.


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