What Candidates Really Want to Know

Candidates today are smarter and more informed than ever before. They have countless tools at their fingertips that provide a more painted, complete picture of your company and employer brand. They know how to zero in on data – and expect there to be a lot of it. So stay ahead of the curve and tell them what they want to know: why working at your organization will boost their careers and satisfy their professional aspirations.

3 Points to Emphasize

On all of your employer branding outlets, including careers website, Facebook tab and other social media pages, YouTube videos, and even the first interview stage, ensure that candidates walk away with a better understanding of these three points:

1) Work/life Balance. Make it clear that the company will be invested in them as people, and not just as workers. Review the ways by which you accommodate their personal commitments, whether it is flexible hours for parents, maternity/paternity leave, or remote work options.

2) Growth Opportunities. If you want candidates to stay in your company (as you surely do), there needs to be space for him/her to move up within the company. Provide details as to how your organization invests in its employees: do you offer training courses or continuing education arrangements? Candidates want to know that as your employees they will be able to take on more responsibilities, and have the opportunity to challenge themselves. Make it clear from the get-go what they can expect in terms of professional growth potential.1381162562_growth_3D

3) Competitive Advantage. Highlight how your company is a leader in your field, and why they would benefit as employees. Explain how the long-term and short-term employee benefits work: for example, what do your healthcare and retirement packages consist of? Do you provide free computers or mobile devices – or pay for their phone plans? What about complimentary parking in the building lot? Casual dress code? Happy hour? On-site chef cooking made-to-order omelets every morning? You get the point, I’m sure.


Preempt questions or concerns by telling candidates exactly what they want and need to know. The Internet has broadened the reach of information sources from personal word-of-mouth reviews to social media networks and websites like unaffiliated employer review sites like Glassdoor. The idea is to ‘sell’ your company – especially in an age in which candidates have the luxury to make comparisons between you and your competitors like never before.

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