Week 1 Since Announcement

Man—this first week since publication and the TSIA announcement has been a blast! The reaction from everyone in Vegas exceeded my wildest expectations. It is clear that this is not an if discussion for the industry, but a how one. And the media pickup was unreal—all over the world, business press, IT press, and financial press. I think it is great to see services finally getting picked up by mainstream media.

This week I also have learned that the book is making its way into the CEO’s office at some of the largest companies in the tech world. This is exactly what the industry needs—to have a debate about the next-generation business model for tech companies of all sorts.

One thing you may not know is that, last Tuesday in Vegas, I asked 10 incredibly smart people (chief service execs, consultants, TSIA execs) to sit in the Board Room at The Mirage for three hours to discuss next steps. Here is what I mean by that:

The feeling I get is that companies are quickly buying into a few key assumptions (like the maintenance value prop is in trouble, or that technology adoption rates are slowing, or that the complexity avalanche is limiting the size of tech markets, etc.), and that something like VAS may be the way out. A way to get everything growing again. As I said, the question is not if we need to do something, but how. That is the question I posed to these 10 smart men and women. How does the industry or a single company within it go from VAS as a vision to VAS as reality?

The discussions were great.

There were two high-level takeaways. The first is that we need a deck for the CFO that summarizes the story. I already have V1 of that done. The second is that we need a roadmap that lays out the steps that a company must go through to move from today’s business model to the desired end state. Also made a high-level pass at that. Fortunately, one of the guys on our BOD, Todd Hewlin, is an ex-McKinsey guy who currently works with Geoffrey Moore at TCG Advisors. He was at the meeting and has taken my early scratchings and has agreed to evolve the model.

So we are working to stay ahead of the discussion that seems to be gaining steam. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. This is an exciting time to be in tech services! Don’t forget to tell me what’s happening at your company! JB

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