Webinar: Why You Need Happy Employees and How to Get Them

Are your employees happy?

I just wrapped up a quick pow-wow with our own Derek Irvine and the charming and brilliant Jessica Miller-Merrell over at Blogging4Jobs and I have came straight here to blab all their secrets to you. Shh!!

First… go here and register for the webinar they are hosting on Thursday 10/24 at 11am on the important topic of Employee Happiness. Seriously, go. I’ll wait. When you get back I’ll tell you why.

Click here to register for Thursday’s Webinar

Back? So here’s the skinny.  I’ve had a sneak preview of the webinar and I can tell you that Jessica and Derek will be sharing a lot of compelling statistics and insightful stories on the growing topic of employee workplace happiness. They will cover:

  • what  happiness at work really is
  • what it means to your bottom line
  • how to measure it
  • how to cultivate it
  • how to screen new hires for happiness potential

That’s pretty much the whole ball of wax when it comes to happiness, which is why I think you should tune in. (Plus you can get an HRCI credit.) You’ll also find out which country is tracking happiness as a gross national product, what makes employees into sad pandas, how the brain processes change, and how key HR players define happiness at work. It’s great stuff, I promise.

Next month, I will also be co-hosting a webinar with Thad Peterson over at Talent Management Magazine that takes a similar in-depth look at the science of gratitude. So stay tuned for that, too!

Happy Tuesday!

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